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Jeevandayani Hospital & I.V.F.(test tube baby) Centre

Having a baby is like having a bond with happiness that stays with you for a lifetime. It gives your life a meaning, a worth. But there is another reality of life, which is infertility. To help such infertile couples enjoy the joy of parenthood.

Jeevandayani Hospital & I.V.F.(test tube baby) Centre, a well equipped, state of art IVF centre was established in the year 2012 in Najafgarh, Delhi. Since then the expert team of Jeevandayani Hospital & I.V.F.(test tube baby) Centre has changed the lives of many couples by helping them have their own baby. The Jeevandayani Hospital & I.V.F.(test tube baby) Centre is run by Dr. Sangeets Gupta, a highly qualified and experienced doctor who with her patient- centric approach and expertise treated many infertile couples and helped them experience the joy of parenthood.

Enjoying a good success rate, the centre provides finest medical facilities and services combined with the care and compassion that the patient needs. It is one of the finest IVF centre in the country and comes as a great hope in the life of childless couples.

Apart form the medical treatment, the patient is also given the support at the mental level by conducting counseling sessions for them so that they can go ahead with the treatment with a positive attitude.

The centre offers State-Of-Art facilities and latest technology. It aims to provide cost-effective treatments without compromising on the quality and hygiene of patients. The psychosexual clinic at the centre for both male and female caters to the specific needs and problems of the patients.


Depends on willingness to shoulder responsibilities and by adjusting oneself to changes undergoing in new milennium. finally i reiterate that there is no substitute to honesty and hard work.


To serve the mankind, zeal to see the smiley world, an adaptable learning mindset and fervor to excel in a competitive environment are few mantras that can navigate you on the path of success in healtcare industry.

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